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It's actually quite simple!

In France 2017, many new and current Cell phone antennas were upgraded / installed to support LTE.

LTE is short for "Long Term Evolution" and is a very fast data connection which works alonside the current 4G networks. You can acheive upto speeds of 100mbps depending on how far away the antenna is from your home. This may become even faster in the future as the technology is endlessly expansive.

Free calls to French Landlines & Mobiles and Free calls to over 50+ Destinations also included. You can plug your phone directly into your new router and enjoy free phone calls to the UK too! It's time to cut the cord!

With the correct equipment which consists of a New router and wall mounted and/or an external antenna for your home, you will quickly able to receive LTE speeds to replace your existing slow ADSL connection through the telephone line.

It's quick and easy to setup, and we are here to help guide you through the entire process!

In time, the networks will become even faster and you will be receiving the equivalent of Fibre Optic cable upgrades in your area, much sooner than later.

Most areas of France were promised Fibre Optic upgrades in 2013 and have now been scrapped in favour for the new LTE broadband system.

- Upto 100mbps Internet speeds in remote places -

- Upto 150GB Monthly usage without disconnection-

- Unlimited FREE Calls to UK Landlines -

- Optional CCT TV Combination Package offer -

- Replaces your Telephone Line & ADSL Connection -

- Excellent WIFI for your Home -

- More Stable, Faster and responsive than ADSL -



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